Solo Non-stop Around the World for Ocean Sustainability

Countdown to Step 2 – AZAB, AZores And Back on 3 June 2023

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Solo Non-stop Around the World for Ocean Sustainability in 2024-25.

When a Transformational Coach helping Leaders dare to go beyond their current horizon, decides to walk the talk and making his own dream come true

«SNAWOS is my Impossible Project for the Ocean»

– Leonardo Zangrando, Coaching Leaders

I’ve been always fascinated by the great solo sailors like Robin Knox-Johnston and Bernard Moitessier who over 50 years ago pioneered something considered impossible: sailing solo non-stop around the world eastbound via the 3 capes – Good Hope, Leeuwin, and the Horn. They were followed by several others, including Mike Golding and Pierre-André Huglo both of whom I have the honour to know personally.

The spark which moved me to action came from Michael Neill, one of the greatest transformational coaches in the world, with whom I have been working on Creating the Impossible. When we started, it became immediately clear that SNAWOS is my Impossible Project. How to pull it off? No idea at the time, but now it is just happening!

I’m doing SNAWOS for several reasons:

  • ➜ to raise awareness on Ocean Sustainability
  • ➜ to give exposure to startups in the Ocean and marine space
  • ➜ to offer my contribution as citizen scientist to Ocean researchers
  • ➜ …and it is going to be a great personal achievement for me!

The project will develop in 4 steps during the next 3 years, starting with a season of solo racing in the Solent and the Channel with a small Sonata 7, while the Contessa 32 which will take me on my SNAWOS journey is getting ready.

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4 steps to SNAWOS

Sailing solo non-stop around the world is no simple feat and requires a lot of preparation. The SNAWOS project started as the Create the Impossible in 90-days project with supercoach Michael Neill. And it ended up into a 3-years programme to get ready to sail SNAWOS in 2024-25.

SORC season 2022

2022 will be devoted to racing solo in the SORC regattas in the Solent and the Channel with a small Sonata 7 while the Contessa 32 which will take me on my SNAWOS journey is getting ready

AZAB 2023

Winter 2022-23 will be devoted to preparing for and sailing the AZAB 2023 – AZores And Back – the great ocean regatta in the Atlantic, from 3 June

SNAWOS prep 2023-24

2023-24 will be the year for the final preparation to SNAWOS, with more regattas, boat tuning, fitness preparation, detailing of scientific research projects

SNAWOS 2024-25

And finally the big day will come in mid 2024 to set sails for SNAWOS 2024-25

3 Ocean Sustainability angles

SNAWOS ethos is Ocean Sustainability, covered from 3 distinct angles

Sustainable Ocean Sailing

SNAWOS promotes Sustainable Sailing in 3 ways: 1. Using an existing hull; 2. using sustainable products, materials and processes for the refurbishment; 3. using electric propulsion.

  1. The SNAWOS yacht is going to be a used Contessa 32. She is a proven Ocean yacht with many past successes in extreme Ocean passages. But why used? Re-using a boat while it is still solid and dependable, is a profoundly sustainable act and avoids the production of a new boat which inevitably uses unsustainable materials like GRP for the hull.
  2. All the products, materials and processes used to refurbish the yacht are sustainable to the maximum possible extent.
  3. The yacht’s auxiliary propulsion is going to be electric, to eliminate the impact of burning fossil fuels.

Ocean Sustainability Startups

The SNAWOS yacht is going to be a testing ground for many products, services and innovations brought about by Ocean Sustainability startups. And it’s a great marketing opportunity! I’m open to consider startups with a relevant innovation to test it during the voyage.

Startups are invited to get in touch with me at to discuss how they can contribute.

Ocean Sustainability Research

SNAWOS is going to be the man on the field of university researchers who need to collect scientific data from the Ocean, in places which are normally too expensive to reach. I’m open to consider any kind of research project, like water sampling, tracking and audio sampling of ocean species, human resilience under stress, you name it!

University researchers are welcome to get in touch to discuss the feasibility of taking their projects on board. Get in touch with me on